Instore Pricing

We have simplified our residential instore pricing and made repairs easier to understand! Here’s how it works: We charge $75 an hour for most all of the different services with a maximum of $225 per computer!!  If we exceed the time allotted for the $225 maximum, we keep working and you don’t pay any extra!!

These guys are awesome! Fixed the problems with my laptop at a much lower price than all the other places I checked. They're very friendly and explain things in an easy to understand way. I'll definitely do business with these guys again.

— Ed McNees

Computer Checkup

In order to improve your PC’s performance, we will remove any unnecessary programs and determine that everything is in working order. We will also update your software fixes, security enhancements, and program updates.
Consultant Work Time: 30 minutes to 6 hours


Having computer problems? We will test all of the hardware and software on your computer, diagnose any problems, and give you an estimate for repair.
Answered by Geeks: $10

Diagnostic & Repair

(Virus & Spyware Removal)
We will examine your operating system and optimize your PC for peak performance by removing viruses and spyware.
Consultant Work Time: 1 to 10 hours

Diagnostic & Repair with Backup

Don’t risk losing all your files! After we troubleshoot, remove viruses, and fix your problems, we will back up all your important files, music, and photos.
Consultant Work Time: 1 to 16 hours

Diagnostic & Repair with Protection

We will troubleshoot your computer and remove malware to give you a faster, cleaner computer.
Consultant Work Time: 1 to 10 hours

Operating System Install

Installation of an operating system can take hours and cause serious frustrations. Leave it with us and we’ll install windows and reinstall all drivers and complete software updates.
Consultant Work Time: 2 to 12 hours