Managed Service Provider

Our Services
From antivirus to backup, we manage all your services from one place.


Our top objective is to keep your systems secure! Today’s malware, being dynamic and often targeted, requires a multi-layered approach based on proactive and smart technologies.


Here at Answered By Geeks we feel data integrity is one of the most important tasks we have. Whether it is simply making sure files aren’t deleted accidentally, or more serious issues like hard drive failure, we have the solution for your business.

Employee Monitoring Software

We are here to help you maintain integrity among your team and company by providing monitoring software of your employees. Reach out to us to find out more.

Remote Support

At Answered by Geeks, we use the most advanced remote computer repair technology in the industry. Did you know that over 90% of all personal computer issues and malfunctions are related to software?

Phone Support

Rest easy knowing that we are just a phone call away to meet all of your support needs. With our managed services, you can do a phone contract to meet your support needs.

Onsite Support

In addition to both phone and remote support, we also do on-site support where we come to you to diagnose your issues and fix your problems.

Hosted Exchange

Learn how we can help your business through a hosted exchange server, managing email and more all from one place.

10 Years of Email Archiving

We don’t merely store and backup your emails for a matter of months; we archive email for up to 10 years with our email archiving system.

Managed Updates

With our managed services, you can schedule updates and maintenance. Rest easy knowing everything is under a schedule.

Real Time Alerts & Monitoring

Stay in the know with what is happening to every aspect of your business with real-time alerts and monitoring. If something goes wrong, you know immediately.

Ticketing System

With our ticketing system, know where you stand in regards to any project or update and how long it will be before it is complete.